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    We want to make your home financing as easy as it can be. With Eustis Mortgage, you can relax while we handle the details.

    You can get a loan before you even select a home. A Eustis home mortgage specialist can perform a pre-qualification or pre-approval so that you'll have a good idea of how much you can afford. Once you've found a home, and a seller has accepted your offer, you are ready to move to the Application process.

    • You will know the loan amount you qualify for so that you know what home price range to shop
    • Save time to narrow the list of homes to ones that fit your price range
    • Discover any credit challenges early in the process we can resolve them at the beginning of the process
    • Confidently make an offer as soon as you find your dream house
    • Sellers will consider your offer more strongly with a prequalification letter over one that is not
    • Your agent will ask for this as it improves your chances of getting the house you want

    There are no fees or costs to getting pre-qualified, but it is a vital step in the home buying process. Call us today!

    Prequalification: This is an overview of your credit profile that is an important step to writing offers for new homes and one we highly recommend. It just means that you have not submitted the documentation that will be required to verify your income, financial statements showing enough assets to close and you have not yet met the underwriting guidelines of the program you are going to select once you find the home of your dreams.

    Preapproval: If you have a little more time at the beginning of the process, we always recommend getting Preapproved. A preapproval is the start of the formal application process before you find the property and is more thorough review of your financial position and ability to qualify for a home.

    Why get Preapproved for a Mortgage?

    • You’ll be able to move faster to find the house you want
    • Most of the paperwork will be out of the way so you can close your loan faster
    • You will be able to move to the top of the offer stack as your income, assets, and ability to buy has been verified
    • Sellers know you will be less likely to have a delay in closing
    • In competitive markets, this is another feather in your cap

    Buying a house is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your lifetime. Our goal is to make the process as smooth and hassle-free as we can. Understanding the process will give you the knowledge you need to get started.

    • Step in Getting Prequalified or Preapproved
    • You can get a loan before you even select a home. One of our home loan experts can perform a pre-qualification or pre-approval so that you’ll have a good idea of how much you can afford. Once you’ve found a home, and a seller has accepted your offer, you are ready to move to the Application process.

    • Application
    • Once you’ve selected a home, your home specialist completes the mortgage application, gathers information about the property you want to buy, and collects personal information, such as income, assets, and employment history. For a complete list of information that you need to provide, see the Application checklist.

    • Processing
    • Once your application is complete, a loan processor reviews your file and verifies your information. We order a credit report to determine your credit history and credit score. We also order an appraisal of the property.

    • Underwriting
    • An underwriter reviews your file and determines whether your loan will be granted and issues the loan approval. The underwriter may request additional information during this review process.

    • Closing
    • Once the loan is approved, the closing process begins. Our closing department prepares closing documents and sends closing instructions to the title agent. The title agent is responsible for examining the title of the property and working with you for an acceptable closing date. At the closing, you’ll sign papers, pay closing costs, and finalize the transaction. Now it’s time to move into your new home.

    Lower Payments*. Consolidate Debt. Pull Cash Out.

    *By refinancing your existing loan, the total finance charges may be higher over the life of the loan.

    First, start by asking yourself one of these questions.

    Has your income increased? Do you need to consolidate debt? Has the equity in your home increased? Do you need money for a major expense? Has your credit rating improved?

    If the answer is yes to any of these questions than we encourage you to call one of our home loan experts to give you a refinance evaluation. It costs nothing but could save you thousands of dollars in interest, pay off high balance credit cards, or help pay for college or unexpected expenses.

    Knowing your options is the most import part of the refinance decision so Call us today!

    ¬ As you pay down your mortgage or as home values increase over time, a cash-out refinance allows you to use a portion of your equity and turn it into cash. The great news is you can use that cash however you want. Home improvements, unexpected expenses, college tuition or just to check a destination off your bucket list.

    When is the best time to turn that equity into your house and use it as you see fit? That answer is up to you and can be used to fit your current needs.

    Some of the more chosen reasons for utilizing a cash-out refinance are to:

    • Remodel of you home
    • Pay off high-interest credit cards or auto loans, neither of which is tax deductible like mortgage interest
    • Help with life events like a growing family
    • Bucket List Reduction
    • Elimination of student debt

    A renovation loan will let you do almost anything with your home. Some loans are used on smaller projects like ordinary repairs or cosmetic updates. These types of renovations loans typically don’t have minimum loan requirements for the repairs or upgrades you want to make to your home. These loans are limited to non-structural repairs with maximum loan amounts around $30,000.

    With these types of loan, you can improve things like:

    • Repairing or replacing your roof and gutters
    • Redesigning your kitchen or bath
    • Landscaping or adding a deck
    • Buying new appliances
    • Getting new windows, doors or floors
    • Making your home energy efficient
    • Upgrading plumbing, electrical, heating or cooling systems
    • Ask a home loan expert (bolded and hyperlinked to find a loan officer)

    Need to do more extensive renovation? We got you covered!

    We have other programs that are specifically intended to make major repairs or changes to your home. These will have a minimum loan amount but the good news is you can borrow up to the value of your property plus repairs/renovation. Here are some examples:

    • Room additions or adding a second floor
    • Major remodeling that requires structural work
    • Foundation or other structural repairs
    • Projects over six months

    What is the difference between a fixed-rate and an ARM mortgage?

    A fixed-rate mortgage offers an interest rate that is steady throughout the life of the loan. Fixed-rate mortgages offer the security of always knowing exactly what your monthly loan payment will be. The interest on ARMs can fluctuate (up or down) periodically. The interest rate on ARMs offers an opportunity to save on interest costs. However, you are protected from rates getting too high, because a safe ARM has annual and lifetime rate caps, which limit how high your rate may go.



    Estimate your monthly mortgage payment using the calculator below. Simply enter the purchase price of the home, loan term, and details about the home loan. Please note that escrow for taxes and insurance is not required for loans with down payments more than 20 percent. Some of this information may be difficult to determine on your own; please contact a mortgage specialist to review the most accurate monthly mortgage payment for the area you are purchasing.


    Enter the sales price or the amount you plan to offer on a home.


    You can enter a dollar amount or percentage. Some programs allow down payments as low as 3%. Just remember, the more you put down, the less your payment will be.


    We’re using the current average mortgage rate to calculate payments. Your actual interest rate will be determined by your credit score, loan type and other factors.

    Choose the length of the loan term you plan to use. Standard loan terms are 15 or 30 years.


    Enter the annual property taxes associated with the home you are purchasing. Many property listings include this information.


    Estimate the annual home insurance costs of the home you are purchasing.

    Your estimated
    monthly payment is
    Principal & Interest
    Property Taxes
    Home Insurance
    Total Payment


    Eustis Mortgage Corporation and Eustis Family of Companies

    Eustis Mortgage Corporation was founded in 1956 in New Orleans, LA, by two determined and dedicated loan officers. Their vision was to provide exceptional loan services to clients by maintaining a low staff turnover rate. Today, Eustis Mortgage Corporation remains committed to these same principles.


    With a small amount of capital, Laurance Eustis, Jr. and his brother-in-law, William D. Galbreath, founded Canal Mortgage as an adjunct to the 10-year-old Eustis General Insurance Agency.


    After the company’s name was changed to Laurance Eustis Mortgage Corporation (LEMC) in 1959, LEMC grew to produce single-family and small multi-family loans.


    Following years of successful expansion, Eustis returned to the single-family loan business when Robert Eustis, current Eustis Chairman, joined the firm.


    Operating in the south Louisiana region, LEMC was hit hard by the oil and gas bust in the late 1980s. Its staff was reduced to 22 people, but the company maintained its strong commitment to the mortgage industry. By the end of the decade, the company resumed its growth.


    This decade was a pivotal point for the company as it continued to experience record numbers for helping clients purchase and refinance homes. One of the biggest changes was to rebrand with our current name, Eustis Mortgage Corporation.


    Kate deKay, Robert’s daughter, joined the company and began working from the bottom up.


    Eustis Mortgage Corporation begins the next phase in its growth plan to bring the Eustis experience to other communities in the U.S. The new foundation to the company was conceived, Eustis Mortgage Family of Companies.


    Kate deKay is named the CEO of Eustis Mortgage Corporation, and is responsible for leading all Eustis Family of Companies brands. Eustis family of companies will continue to seek out opportunities to welcome and support those with the entrepreneurial spirit and drive aligned with the company’s overall vision.


    We lead by full engagement, we lead by example, we lead by empowering employees. Our leaders help each other reach their full potential Our passion for serving guarantees that we always develop the next generation of leaders to take care of our clients.


    As a company, we must always be the driver of change we want to see in the world. The thought process of 'because it has always been done that way' stops at the doors of our office. Instead, we will continuously challenge our process and technology. Always striving to make our clients experience better and providing avenues for our employees to grow.


    The needs of our clients are the most important part of our organization. Our learn puts aside the need to be right to make sure we get it right for the client every time. The focus gives us the ability to WOW our clients and turn them into raving fans.


    We are a company that welcomes diverse backgrounds and experiences. That diversity will unite us together to allow us to achieve our mission.


    Helping clients realize the American dream is our purpose, but we won't stop there. We realize that we have a responsibility to do more. This company will inspire our people to change the world. Our history shows this, and our future will embrace it.

    We've been in the mortgage business since 1956 and many of our clients have been coming back again and again since we opened our doors over 60 years ago. They know they can always rely on us for the information and service they expect and deserve. And you can, too.


    Chief Executive Officer
    Cell: 504.247.9865

    Kate deKay is the CEO of Eustis Mortgage Corporation, and is responsible for leading all Eustis Family of Companies brands, including: Eustis Mortgage Corporation; Finance Home America; Verity Mortgage; Legacy Mortgage Corporation; and Prosperity Mortgage Advisors.

    Kate comes from a long line of family leadership and is third generation of the Eustis Family and an Owner of the company. Prior to assuming the role of CEO, she served as the company’s Senior Vice President. Her ascension to the CEO role has been one that has seen her act in many roles and further her career since it began with Eustis in 2007. During that time, Kate has worked as a mortgage specialist to originate loans and assisting homebuyers with loan product selection and has served roles in leadership where she initiated growth strategies, expansion, and loan processing into multiple states.

    Kate’s goal for the company is ensure that the Eustis brands assist as many people throughout the states that they serve to finance a house that they can call home. She continues to focus on making the mortgage process as straightforward as possible for customers and ensures that employees provide a high level of customer service. This approach allows clients to feel that they have a trusted source to turn to for advice about the mortgage and home buying processes.

    Kate is active in the community that she serves, and is a former President of the Mortgage Lenders Association in New Orleans. Prior to her presidential term, she served on the board as Vice President and other miscellaneous roles over a 3-year period. She remains active within the Association and also finds time to serve as a member to the Women’s Council of Realtors. She recently introduced a company-wide initiative by engaging employees to be active in the community and to recognize the efforts of those that embark in civic endeavors.


    Chief Financial Officer
    Cell: (617) 794-5229

    Darryl joined Eustis Mortgage in November 2016, bringing with him over 20+ years of Financial Services experience with a main concentration in the Mortgage Banking and Servicing areas. He held various senior level and C level positions with a focus in the Finance and Accounting departments but brings production and operational expertise to meet Companies profitability goals. He graduated from Northeastern University with a BSBA majoring in Accounting in 1996. He resides in Dallas TX with his wife Katy and four children, Elise, Reid, Grae, and Olive.


    Senior Vice President of Capital Markets
    Cell: (504) 289-3989

    Timothy Ieyoub is Senior Vice President of Capital Markets for Eustis Mortgage Corporation, a 60 year old independent mortgage banking corporation in New Orleans, LA. Timothy’s mortgage bank experience dates back to 1995 when he graduated from McNeese State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. Upon completion, Timothy started his career at a Savings and Loan before working in various capacities in the mortgage industry as Senior Account Manager, Business Development Manager, and eventually Managing Partner of nationwide wholesale lender. Timothy joined Eustis Mortgage in 2010 where he has served in both an operational and production role. Timothy served as President of the Mortgage Lenders Association of New Orleans for 2018-2019.


    Chief Information Officer
    Office: (469) 620-0149

    Ray has been in information technology for 20 years. He has wide range of experience in IT including LAN/WAN, Security, Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity, Databases and Reporting systems. Over the last ten years, he has managed lending systems in the mortgage industry to support origination, servicing, collections and accounting departments.


    Director of Human Resources
    Cell: (504) 293-5860

    With a career spanning 16 years in human resources management in the health care industry, Anne brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Eustis Mortgage Corporation. Her background includes designing HR best practices from the ground up and leading transformational change through practical workforce strategies and cross-functional, multicultural, high-performance teams.

    Anne received her Bachelor of Arts from Vanderbilt University and attended the Catholic University Columbus School of Law. Anne is both SPHR and SHRM-SCP certified and is also a Lean Six Sigma black belt. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for HandsOn New Orleans, a non-profit community volunteer organization. For Anne, building relationships at every level within an organization is a top priority. She recognizes the importance of company culture and the role that it plays in employee morale and engagement. “I truly love what I do. I believe that our employees are our greatest assets, so I am committed to investing the time and resources to help them develop successful careers here at EMC.”


    Post Closing Manager
    Cell: (504) 920-5877

    With over 20 years in the mortgage industry, Lori understands the lending process inside and out. Her top priority is to give her clients a level of understanding of the home-financing process, in language they understand, and to equip them to make the very best financial decision for their individual situation. Lori has worked for 3 Fortune 500 companies, so she understands and values the advantages that working for a New Orleans-based mortgage lender brings to the table. She feels there is no substitute for a local lender’s knowledge of the “uniqueness” of Southeast Louisiana.

    Lori has been a resident of Metairie since 1995. She is a Past-President of the National Association of Professional Mortgage Women- Greater New Orleans Chapter, also having served as their Secretary, VP of Education, and VP of Communication. She has also served as Vice-President of the New Orleans Mortgage Lender Association. In her spare time, she enjoys art museums and literature.


    SVP, Quality Control/Compliance Officer
    Cell: (504) 293-5868 Ext 234

    Lore Haines started in the mortgage industry in 2002 and has focused on federal and state regulatory compliance. She spent the last few years working as a Mortgage Compliance Consultant advising clients on applicable guidelines and regulatory requirements. Lore joined Eustis Mortgage in April 2021 as the Senior Vice President of Quality Control and Compliance. Lore resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia with her husband and two sons. In her spare time, Lore can be found on a soccer field or gardening.


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