Robert Alan Kate


Eustis Mortgage Corporation and Eustis Family of Companies

Eustis Mortgage Corporation was founded in 1956 in New Orleans, LA, by two determined and dedicated loan officers. Their vision was to provide exceptional loan services to clients by maintaining a low staff turnover rate.  Today, Eustis Mortgage Corporation remains committed to these same principles.


With a small amount of capital, Laurance Eustis, Jr. and his brother-in-law, William D. Galbreath, founded Canal Mortgage as an adjunct to the 10-year-old Eustis General Insurance Agency.


After the company’s name was changed to Laurance Eustis Mortgage Corporation (LEMC) in 1959, LEMC grew to produce single-family and small multi-family loans.


Following years of successful expansion, Eustis returned to the single-family loan business when Robert Eustis, current Eustis Chairman, joined the firm.


Operating in the south Louisiana region, LEMC was hit hard by the oil and gas bust in the late 1980s. Its staff was reduced to 22 people, but the company maintained its strong commitment to the mortgage industry. By the end of the decade, the company resumed its growth.


This decade was a pivotal point for the company as it continued to experience record numbers for helping clients purchase and refinance homes. One of the biggest changes was to rebrand with our current name, Eustis Mortgage Corporation.


Kate deKay, Robert’s daughter, joined the company and began working from the bottom up.


Eustis Mortgage Corporation begins the next phase in its growth plan to bring the Eustis experience to other communities in the U.S. The new foundation to the company was conceived, Eustis Mortgage Family of Companies.


Kate deKay is named the CEO of Eustis Mortgage Corporation, and is responsible for leading all Eustis Family of Companies brands. Eustis family of companies will continue to seek out opportunities to welcome and support those with the entrepreneurial spirit and drive aligned with the company’s overall vision.