The Greater Good

We view our charitable efforts as not only a hope for the future but a responsibility to the present. Giving back to the community is one of our highest priorities.

We have a big-hearted team.

We hope to inspire others to change the world inside and outside the housing market. By partnering with local non-profits, we are creating loan products to benefit our communities and help our hometowns flourish. Our CEO serves on two local boards that support the youth of New Orleans. In addition, she recognizes those within the company that have a positive impact on their communities with our Sunny Shannon award.

We’re committed to working with organizations and our employees to give back. Our efforts have ranged from providing meals for school kids and nurses during COVID. We also supported Louisiana hospitality workers and their families by delivering gifts to 71 families and 172 children during COVID. We also provided meals for over 500 families affected by tornadoes in Tennessee and delivered Christmas gifts each year to foster children and kids in need.

Our efforts don't end here.

We use our Sales Rally’s strength in numbers to give back on a much larger scale. Each year during our Sales Rally our teams come together to give their time to improve the lives of others. Those efforts have ranged from building & donating bikes for kids in need, packing 14,600 meals to send to a 3rd world country, and packing backpack meals for kids who do not have enough food at home.

At Eustis Mortgage, we have a passionate drive to serve our community and employees.

That’s why we ask them to select charitable organizations they want to support in their local communities. We believe the holidays are all about family and giving, so during the holiday’s Eustis Mortgage gives back by donating to those organizations hand selected by its employees. Helping everyone realize the American dream is our purpose, but we have a responsibility and desire to do more to positively impact and improve the lives of others.


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